Powerful – reliable recoil starting 7 HP 212CC gas engine
Multi-function – versatile design is a 3-in-1 unit featuring
Efficient –76mm (3″) cutting performance with 20:1 waste reduction
Durable – heavy duty deep steel leaf hopper

Easy transportation – 10″ Pneumatic Wheel, ball-bearing hubs makes it easy to move this around the yard
Convenient – discharge bag is designed for wood chips/mulch to stay in the bag & not on your land

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  • CE certified
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Application Wood/Tree Branches
Max. Wood Diameter 76mm
Feed Manual By Gravity
Hopper Size (mm) 13-5/8″L x 12-1/4″W
Power 7HP/212CC
Starting System Recoil Starter
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.8L Gasoline
Wheel Size 10″
Gross Weight 53kg
Dimension Packing(mm) 580(L)X560(W)X730(H)
Additional information
Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 510 × 500 × 710 cm
CE Certified

CE certified, Non-CE certified


Free Shipping for US mainalnd, FOB Qingdao for rest market

Features / Highligts

Features / Highligts

More comfortable & safer edge-crimped hopper

Adjustable discharge chute flexibly angled from 90°-145°

Front check window for quick replacement of blades

Back check window for removal of blocked debris

Stabler rugged all terrian large size airless tires



Accessories together with EFCUT C30 wood chipper shredder are collapsible debris bag, safety glasses & earplugs

EFCUT multi-purpose reusable collapsible debris bag

EFCUT Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses, Clear Lens,With antiknock earplugs

Q & A

Q & A

Is it complicated to replace a blunt blade?

Thank you for your question. Pretty easy to replace. Take about 20 min.

These are two check window in two sides of blade system shell which is designed for dealing with blade replacement and obstruction during use.

Only check window and hopper need to be detached, which only used wrenches.

What is the assembly involved for this chipper?

Bracket, wheels, hopper, and handle, which only used wrenches. Pretty easy to put together. Took about 40 min.

Do the blades have to be sharpened every year? And if so, is this a difficult task?

-The unit is designed a check window so that it is easy to remove the knife. You should be able to take the knife off within about 5 minutes. You can sharpen the knife with a file or a wet stone. Many of our -customers simply take it to their local lawn mower shop.

-Check the manual, it says to sharpen after a certain number of hours of operation.

Is there a trick get attaching the collection bag to the discharge chute so that it doesn't get blown away?

Near the discharge chute, there are two plum blossom studs that can be used to secure the collection bag.

How well does this model handle pulpy stalks (such as mallow), green vine and ivy cuttings, and green (but not wet) stuff in general?

works exceptionally well on dry and pulpy stalks, OK on green , not so well on wet things and not at all well on vines ( which the instruction manual warns about )

-It is not recommended to put too wet plants into her, set a grid at the root of the discharge chute to ensure that the larger sawdust becomes smaller after a secondary processing, and it is easy to cause blockage if you put in wet plants, of course, you can try to remove the filter when you put in wet plants for treatment. 

Does this come with a bag? And do you carry spare parts such as extra blades available?

Yes, of course. There are two blades, a debris tank, two wrenches, a goggles and an ear protector will be involved in your package.

How well does it work with large dry branches and tree limbs up to 3” and how small are the chips?

Have not had a problem. it is great for branches under 3" and dry branches. The size of the chips depends on several factors and what you are chipping. In our case, we often get 1/8" to 3/4" chips if we put in recommended branches.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper

  1. Avatar

    Jack Li

    I wanted a chipper with plenty go but didn’t want the size and price of a industrial one, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this thing worked, if you feed it nicely and treat it right you won’t have any bother and it will chew sticks all day no problem, even using it as a big recycling shredder.

  2. Avatar

    Paul Okojie

    This is a very good piece of machinery,well made and with easy Instructions. I highly recommend this wood chipper

  3. Avatar

    Nathan Allen

    I’ve run this chipper for about 3 days now, and it has met all my expectations. The assembly was easy, and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. It took a little over an hour by myself. It aggressively shreds branches up to 3 inches and rarely bogs down.

  4. Avatar


    Great chipper. I’ve used this for three days and was easy to start each time. I used it on my property and was fairly easy to move from one location to another. There were certain areas where the terrain was a bit uneven and was worried that the chipper would tip over, but there were no problems at all.

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